My Day in the Woods with Abby and The Faeries

My Dog Abby loves to go for walks in the woods. But as you can see from her picture, on this particular day, she was nervous. I knew the minute I passed by an old pine tree by the stream, that we were in a faery village. Abby loves the water, so I was surprised when I turned to see her frozen in place rather than running to the stream.

On closer inspection, I saw a green glow around her head. She is a yellow lab, not a green one, so I surmised it was a faery spell that kept her from entering. I quickly took out my camera and asked the nature spirits if I could photograph them. I couldn’t spend as much time as I would have liked because I didn’t want to abandon Abby.

waterfallI sat down by the waterfall to listen. The water sang to me in rushed tones. I looked up and saw the large toad rock sitting at the center top of the falls. As some of you may know, in certain faery circles, the toads and frogs guard the watery entrance ways to the faerie villages.

11-09 287_2 (1)And then I noticed to the left of the toad rock, a smiling waterfall guardian rock. Can you see her ancient face looking down upon the water?

IMG_0107_2After spending a few moments with the waterfall spirits I turned to leave and almost stepped on a faery ring of mushrooms. I lay down on the ground so I could get a close up view and maybe spot a faery or two.

IMG_0106_2I didn’t see them, that is until I got home. If you look closely, you can see the shadow of a faery standing behind the mushroom stem. Look at the bottom left. Do you see the shadow of the faery peeking out? – click the photo to enlarge.

waterfall_horseI knew that Abby was ready to leave, so I stood up to thank the faeries for being so nice. When I looked in the waterfall one last time a beautiful water faery presented herself to me, she looked like a water horse to me.

The nature faeries often use the elements of nature around them to show themselves to us. Tree spirits sometimes appear as an image on a tree trunk, or water faeries using the water or rock faeries imprinting their image on the outside of the rock. I thanked the water horse and all the other faeries and joined Abby for the rest of our walk.

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