McLeary Farm

Welcome to the McLeary Farm!


This is where William, Bella and Nate McLeary live. Marmalade, the garden faery, and her clan also live on the McLeary farm. The children and the faeries have had many adventures on the farm and we look forward to sharing those stories with you!



Dave_8.5x8.5_boxed_lgWhen Dave crawled out of his chrysalis this morning, the first thing he did was dry his new butterfly wings. The second thing he did was worry about what he should do next.  Continue reading…



Faeries that live on the McLeary farm:


Marmalade is a garden faery. She is in charge of the flower gardens on the McLeary farm. Garden faeries do not have wings and are usually about 1-2 feet tall. Their legs and feet are usually dark brown from working in the dirt.


Penny is a flower petal faery from the Sparkle Faery Clan. The sparkle faeries tend to the flower petals, small flowering plants and berries. Usually you can see only the glow of a sparkle faery because they are so small. The color of their glow matches the flowers or berries they are helping.  James has magnified Penny’s image so we can see her.


Dave is just a simple yellow butterfly that lives on the McLeary farm. He enjoys playing with the McLeary children, helping other small creatures on the farm and pollinating the flowers. Dave is a good friend to all. If you want to know about Dave’s first day as a butterfly check out his story here.