Lake of the Dragons

Welcome to the Lake of the Dragons!

Our first story from the Lake of the Dragons involves Harold, a young frog that is in training to become a guardian of the sacred waterway entrances to the Mystical Forest.

 Harold is the nephew of the respected and renowned guardian, Sir Frederick.   Sir Frederick is determined to have his nephew follow in his footsteps, but Harold can not control his anger.  And there is one thing a guardian frog must never do,  lose his temper.  The guardian must always remain calm so he or she can protect the entrance and keep the Mystical Forest residents safe. To help Harold with his temper, Sir Frederick sends Harold to the Lake of the Dragons to learn how to control his fiery anger.

Harold’s story, “Dragon’s Breath”, will be published in February 2016.
James, from the Faery Tale Clan, is off to paint a map of the Lake of the Dragons for us.