Carolyn Armstrong Horn

Carolyn Armstrong Horn’s Mystical Forest Series explores the fables of nature’s spirit realm. The Mystical Forest is where the spirits of rocks, trees, animals, oceans, and more come alive. We share mother earth with these spirits, and these are their stories.

Carolyn knew from an early age nature held the ancient fables of unseen realms. Stories from her childhood spent with the rocks of the Ozarks in Missouri, the deer living deep in the woods of New Jersey, or the wind fairy riding the snowstorms in Maine. Nature spirits communicate their stories every day through their essence.

She invites you to pick up a rock in your backyard or nearby park and gaze upon the stone until images appear and a story unfolds. You are holding a rock with 500 million years or more worth of stories to share. Or close your eyes and listen to the bird’s chatter. It may only be gossip, but there may be a grandmother bird telling her little ones an ancient story.

Carolyn lives by a sacred Grandmother Willow tree in Massachusetts.